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Based on WWW recommendations I installed BitDefender on my wife's Windows 10 PC. Forr months she complained about the PC's performance. So I de-installed BitDefender and went back to plain old Windows Defender and, to my surprise, the performance problems disappeared.

I notified BitDefender of the de-installation b/c I had heard that they would automatically renew.

So I was surprised this year to see a $95 charge for AVNGATE BITDEFENDER appeared on my credit card account.

Called the phone number on the bill, which was AVNGATE - they said they would notify BITDEFENDER who would do the refund. AVNGATE said my wife and I would receive an email explaining terms of how they handle their "process" to me and to my wife.

Neither received an email. So I called my credit card company and marked the item as in dispute. Now have to wait up to 90 days to resolve it.

I'll never buy software with a credit card on the WWW again. These guys (avngate/bitdefender) are right up there with gym subscription scammers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bitdefender Total Security Antivirus.

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How on earth did you remove it? I can't get it off my computer.

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