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I started using bitdefender internet security on the recommendation of a computer guy that was replacing the hard drive in my computer. All was well for several years and the last time I renewed the license I got a 3 yr one for over $100.

That is when the problems started. In 2009 the program started shutting down intermittently, so you never knew when you were covered or when your virus detector/firewall was off (which required a reboot). Bitdefender's only response was it would be corrected in the 2010 version. The thing is, when you check their own forums, the problem had been going on since Nov 2008!!

When 2010 finally came out, it used so much mem and cpu resources that the computer was basically useless. Again, must be something on my machine interfering with the program, but again, from their own forums, the same thing is happening to a bunch of other ppl too. BD kept wanting me to run a program (presumably to get information from my computer) yet the first zipped file they sent me, windows wouldn't let me open because they said it was a virus. The other file ran, but didn't do anything.

Tech support is useless, as are their forums. I finally just gave up.

I requested a refund of the unused portion of the license, but of course, never heard back from them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I use bitDefender and i am very pleased how it runs and stops internet attacks. Not sure what you are complaining about.


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