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Had same problem with 2017 version. They gave me an early installation of the Total Security 2018 version, 3 months earlier than my renewal date, which was fair.

I had sent them "screen shots" and copies of the scan results to document my complaint. SEE ATTACHED SCREEN SHOTS Now, the 2018 version is doing likewise. It seems a bit odd that this vulnerability would reoccur over and over again... without either internal or external access to their coding and thereby creating a gaping hole for others (for what purpose?

Sabotage?) to exploit in the future at will. If Kaspersky, based in Russia, was recently deemed to be at risk of sabotage or exploitation by their government and military, we may need to add Bitdefender (based in the Ukraine) as another computer security software to avoid/ban as well.

In conclusion, it seems a bit odd that PC Magazine, CNET and other trusted sites still rate Bitdefender products so highly, and without any mention of similar flaws. Surely, I cannot be the only one to stumble upon these software glitches.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bitdefender Total Security Antivirus.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Hmmmm, just did a quick search and found that bitdefender has a separate software tool for it on their site. Ran it and it finished within 5 seconds (on my Alienware 17 r4 - i7 chip).

Nothing found but that was a fast scan, so, I am not sure how to interpret those results as a good thing or not... (also, funny how I was assigned studiouscurlycoatedretriever as a handler - esp since I'm not a pet lover....)


Yep, agree with both comments and original email - 2019 - still no scan for rootkits option.... Very sad - now, I too, will be looking elsewhere for another software package - one that ALSO includes scanning for rootkits.


With some AV software I have had to go into settings and actually choose, as an additional scanning option to scan for rootkits and also enable an email scan. Perhaps you should take a close and thorough look at the scanning options and see if you missed something like this.

As for Kaspersky and BitDefender being based in Russia or Ukraine, you've been led astray by all the nonsense about the "Evil Russia" of late. Kaspersky being labled as bad for you is just plain propaganda and simply wrong.

I've had alot of experience with Kaspersky over the years and it is one of the best. BitDefender in my experience is ok but not my preferred.


There are a couple of scan option settings on Bitdefender (same version as above) one of which just selects the Drive & the other which has no option for Rootkits. It does have an option for incoming/ out going emails although that does not mean it works.

Bitdefender has been increasingly allowing Malware & trojan viruses in my computer with all these settings. Malwarebytes found 80 examples on my Desktop protected by BitDefender & the laptop had 28 examples. I even tried manually scanning the INFECTED (trojan) file with Bitdefender & it still came up as saying no problem detected!

BitDefender has been getting worse each year & now I am done with it. I just don't know where to turn now.

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