Bitdefender Antivirus Plus Antivirus Reviews

On 27 June, i bought Antivirus Plus 2016 without trying their 1 month free trial. Due to confusing site arrangement, i purchased the same item twice. I was given an Activation Code which started it alright. After one month the antivirus stopped, so i tried to contact them. After hearing nothing, i contacted PayPal, to discover i had been charged twice for the same item. I finally got a reply from Bitdefender saying i couldn't get a refund for...
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I liked
  • For one month only my antivirus protection
I didn't like
  • Customer service
Bitdefender sure does have a lot of those phony repair and download sites. I would not buy protection software from a company that cannot even control imposters. For Example. Question: What happens after I buy bitdefender. will it download and let me install? Answer: Oh no, we will download it for you after you buy it with your credit card. This happened with 2 numbers I called; one being a site claiming to represent a multitude of software...
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