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Update by user Jan 05, 2018

The issues have been fixed I now have 1130 days until expiration, All is good finally ! about 300 days extra from them for the reset , Thank You Bitdefender ! Just don't call customer service and do any remote connections , read , learn, & install yourself, you'll know how the software works, very many features you can control the Software, very versatile.

Update by user Jan 05, 2018

They sent me an email finally , saying they would fix all of the issues , I will reply when fixed , looks like they are going to do the right thing ! Hello, David, Thank you for your patience and for the details provided.

First, we wish to inform you that you will be able to use the 3 year subscription on the Central account created with Protonmail. To that end, your subscriptions will be merged and, even better, the original subscription will be reset. Thus, you will end up with a 1095 days subscription. To help you with this situation, we will handle the case, in 3 phases: - Phase 1 > we'll help you login to the Protonmail account.

That Central account is fully valid and active. We checked the screenshot you provided the other day, with the login page, and there was no error on it. To better help you, we'd like to confirm that is the case by asking the following: 1) after you insert your email and password and click on "Sign In", what exactly happens? 2) Have you tried to reset the password, since the issue with login started?

- Phase 2 > as soon as you are able to login to the Protonmail account, we will make the necessary modification to your subscription and transfer the subscription registered under the Gmail account to this one. This will be quickly done from our side and it takes very little time for the changes to take effect - Phase 3 > we will guide you in making sure that all Bitdefender software installed on your devices are linked to the Protonmail account, thus ensuring they all show the same validity time Please answer the two questions under Phase 1 description, at your earliest convenience, so we can provide a solution as quickly as possible. Have a great day! Best regards, Alexandru Ivanescu Technical Support Engineer logo.jpg ------------------- http://www.bitdefender.com/support http://forum.bitdefender.com If so this is good enough for me , I do enjoy the software and I have not tried to use any of the tactics on youtube gaining access to Free Bitdefender Total 2018 , I paid for my subscriptions and would like to use them !

My Vaults , Wallets, Whitelists, password manager, I backed up so all can be imported at anytime, ! Anyone can run a 30 day trial of any of their software to determine whether it's ok with their set up and other software. Which it is in my case. I do like the software when it's installed and working never a problem !

I hope they do continue to fix this issue as it's taking up Dec 27th up until now Jan 4th to receive an email. But as long as It's fixed and I get my 3 years I would say I'm satisfied ! I do want to like the software and do think they will get everything straight eventually. o that end, your subscriptions will be merged and, even better, the original subscription will be reset.

Thus, you will end up with a 1095 days subscription. This is Great News for me when it happens I will post an update !

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2018

Bitdefender Total 2017 is my 2nd year of using the software. I cannot install the latest year I bought so I go through the emailing process where they wait a week and never answer your email then close out the question.

I got tired of waiting and called their so called tech support ! Well 1st the guy wanted to do a remote connection ( RED FLAG ) I turned on my recording software to record his keystrokes and he says $99 I needed a Cleaning haaa. b4 I could install the 3rd year. Mind you I had Bitdefender running since 2/10/17 so How could I have picked up anything if their software was protecting the system?

2nd their software will not install if there is any issues of malware or spyware on the system it scans with 2 different scanners to make sure the system is clean before the program installs ! Well I can install it myself no problem. I also can wipe all traces of there program no problem, My issue was I had 409 days left when I say a $26 year special and thought why not while it's on sale , then I could not logint Bitdefender Central with my email ( PROTONMAIL ) I never use GOOGLE or GMAIL to attach aps /programs to google . The only way I could reinstall and log in was with gmail , so I called this is when the Indian Guy screen name ( Mike Smith ) wanted to charge $99 and said Oh you need a cleaning before I can install , nope I hung up and deleted all traces SO my 409 days left went to 365 days only I have screenshots , reciepts, activation #s, everything to prove it.

They are not answering emails , It's been a week and all I'm receiving is the ( we are reviewing your case ! bla bla as usual. Hoping I'll just give up!

Now I see Hundreds of People that have also been scammed by this company .... BUYER BEWARE _ I use Linux most of the time so Windows isn't that important to me , but a ripoff like this needs to be stopped !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bitdefender Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: time lost , scammed on phone, Admitted they are scamming people and Someone higher up in this corperation to call and figure out a solution !.

I liked: Need i describe.

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Bitdefender has been great since I wrote this all questions and refunds account settings have been set and cleared up ! I would recomend Bit Defender to anyone , just read and keep up with your account , they have credited my account I think for about 4 years ( which is a little over what I paid for and they just reset me to my initial day 1 and same email , so I actually received a year , extra , because I was buying year renewals before the year was up , when I saw a $19.99 renewal , I'd go ahead and get it.

Just be careful with the call in guys trying to do a remote connection , and be sure to find that connection if you do ever connect , and delete it in I believe your docs, or downloads. PC saves the connection link. No issues I love the software ! It works great !

I use LINUX Mostly , but when I do boot into Windows 10 I like Bit defender Total ! It doesn't use much system resources ! So All Is Well in my book !

I think you guys will get to talk to the right person soon , keep trying ! only a few support guys that I think were not operating within company policy .



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